A Parallel Approach to Image Processing

For this post, I am going to delve into the world of images, and learn how to process them faster. Digital image processing is a tedious procedure involving various steps, many of which are time consuming. Basically, every pixel of the image has to broken down into the corresponding RGB values and the required operations … Continue reading A Parallel Approach to Image Processing


K-means Clustering

Hi, My seminar this year was based on an interesting topic, it spoke of how parallelizing the Hierarchical Clustering algorithm provides great benefits in terms of efficiency. Working on the paper got me thinking about parallelizing the already existing data clustering and grouping algorithms. I thought I had one of those Eureka moments, think about … Continue reading K-means Clustering

Parallel Merge Sort

In my second post I am going to talk about the popular sorting algorithm Merge Sort. The serial implementation of Merge Sort, is based on a divide and conquer approach. The data set is divided into recursively into smaller and smaller parts, i.e. the divide part, and then to conquer the data, the data is … Continue reading Parallel Merge Sort

Latency vs Throughput

I am new to Parallel Computing, new to writing blog posts, basically, I am, what they call, a “noob”. Through this blog, I plan to document my exploration, interpretation and implementation of parallel computing. I hope this serves as a reference to some student somewhere trying to get a hang of the subject, and excel at it, like … Continue reading Latency vs Throughput